The Power of 97: Concorso Judging

What does it mean?

  • Immense satisfaction

  • Sense of achievement

  • Added provenance

  • Major award eligibility

  • Worldwide recognition

The Cavallino Concorso d’Eleganza is the one true place to solidify your car’s reputation, with the ultimate accolade - 97 points gives you a Platino Award!

Important Note: Your Ferrari is judged only against itself, not against the other Ferraris in its class. The classes are grouped so that the judges can address each Ferrari in a timely manner.

The Cavallino Classic subscribes to the judging guidelines as promulgated by the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA). The guidelines outlined by the IAC/PFA for the judging of Ferraris at a Concours have been found to be the most logical, the most comprehensive, and the most fair of any other proposed format. The Committee was formed over two dozen years ago by a group of enthusiasts who were concerned about lack judging standards at Ferrari shows.

The Committee proposed a set of judging guidelines in which originality was the central theme. “The key purpose of the Concours is to promote the preservation of the Ferrari in its original state. Therefore, the primary focus of the judges will be on originality, authenticity and condition....” This new philosophy was immediately embraced by everyone in the field - owners, restorers, mechanics, dealers, clubs, show organizers, etc. - because it set a level playing field, and gave everyone a definite focus for their efforts. Why originality as the cornerstone? Simply because so few Ferraris have been built relative to other car marques. Each Ferrari is, indeed, unique.

Please see the IAC/PFA Judging Guidelines here: IAC/PFA Judging Guidelines

The Cavallino Classic also has two Preservation Awards. Please see the IAC/PFA Preservation Guidelines here: IAC/PFA Preservation Guidelines

** Featuring 60 Years of the 250 GT SWB, with several classes for Street, Competition, etc.

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